Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Blue Notes

Azhar stared at his iced tea. The ices melted forming a layer of plain water on top of it. 

"What are you thinking sweetie?" Sue asked Azhar as she realized that something was running through her husband's mind.

"Nothing" Azhar denied. He forced a smile to Sue. Sue is his everything; his queen, his happiness, his baby, his lovely wife and everything nice. "She doesn't deserve anything bad at all" Azhar thought to himself. 

But, lots of things going through his mind right now.

He just got his monthly salary, but those money were spent for house rent, household expenses, and all his daughter's necessities; milk formula, diapers, nursery fee etc. Malaysia living cost keeps exhausting people like him right now. Perhaps that's the reason people are fighting and cheating on other people's money. 

"Ohh honey. Look at this. Someone is selling cute dolls here. They are so cute! Can we buy this for Lily? She loves Mr Patrick!" Sue said with full of excitement in her eyes. Oh Lily. Azhar's princess; just like Sue, she's also his everything. 

Azhar took a peek in his wallet. "Which one should we buy for her?"

"Lily definitely will love this Mr Patrick. Ohh but this Strawberry Shortcake looks cute too!"

"Let me ask her if we could take both for only RM30. If not, maybe next time okay sweetheart" Azhar tried to explain without feeling guilty.

"Ohh, yeah I forgot. Nevermind, dear. If we don't have that much money, it can wait" Sue smiled.


"Sure, sir. You can take them for 30."

The young couple soon came to take the cute dolls. They just rode a motorcycle with their daughter sitting in front inside the basket. They look so cute and sweet.

"Here the money." Azhar counted again.
"Thank you for buying" Anna received the money. There were lots of blue note and only one red note. 

Anna felt touched. Somehow it reminds her of how hard for her father to buy her toys previously. 

She remembered how excited she was to get any toys from her Dad, even it's just less than RM5 stuffs. 
She remembered how her father checked all his pockets to see any notes left there so that maybe he could buy something for her. 
She remembered how her parents took her everywhere by just riding a motorcycle.
She remembered how Gracious God is for giving her family all the things she have now. 
She remembered. 

"May God bless your family too sir. Surely God will give you. You just don't have to worry." Anna pray quietly.