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Imma Bad Terrible Doctor From The Future (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum and greetings ladies and gents :)

"Qila ni bukan main dia. Belajar medic. Tapi bukan main gambar semua. Enjoy je"

"Selamat menjadi doctor yang bergaya. Haha"

"Qila ni patut amik course fashion design ke, art and design ke. Kemain bergaya dia pakai"

"First time kenal bakal doctor yang macam ni"

First impression to hear these things, I take them as compliments maybe? And as a humor. Yeahh. Aku pun gelak jugak dengar diorang merepek macam ni. 

On the second thought, literally they're killing me down.


Why am I saying this? 9 words. Read my lips. 


When you heard a doctor, what would you expect she/he would be? Mesti korang akan terbayang seorang manusia yang berkot putih, dengan stetoskop yang tersangkut di leher. Yang akan menanyakan masalah kesihatan anda, yang akan consult anda untuk merawat penyakit anda dan memberikan anda ubat. Manusia yang mempunyai keyakinan yang sangat tinggi dan menggunakan kepercayaan anda dengan sebaiknya. Yang baik, ramah, dan penyayang.

When you heard about medic students, what you would expect that he/she would be? Aku tak tahu apa yang korang akan bayangkan but mostly kat tempat aku, budak budak medic dia sangat lahhh hmmm *thumbs up*. Diorang semua kuat belajar, rajin. And to be more specific, students perempuan selalunya bertudung labuh. My point here is not that tudung labuh part. My point here is they really take care of their relationship with Allah really carefully. Diorang semua baik baik. Sopan, like a truly muslimah lah. If someone ask me to suggest them a perfect wife, they would be my choice. Haha. 


Photo by canarygold • Instagram

I'm looking at myself. From head to toe. Ini ke rupa future doc nanti? 

Passionate about fashion. Not that really, but yeah somehow I'm kind of easily get influenced by the trend. But I'm not a hipster okayy. Pfft. -,-

Spend most of the time social networking. I don't have that much friend, but I really made it hundreds of them kat alam maya. But I'm not really proud of it. Because what? Skills that I used to make friends on social networks just can't be used for me to make friends in the reality. Seriously not. And if you think it's cool to be a tweetfamous, you're wrong mann! Err btw, I'm not a tweetfamous ekekeke. They might be look like a happy successful person on social networks, with a lot of followers on twitter etc etc but in the reality, who knows they failed in their life? Or even failed to make friends? Or maybe have a broken family? Who knows mann who knows. Sebab apa yang kita nampak kat alam maya ni semua yang bagus bagus je. Well this makes me generate more ideas to make a blog post about it. Haha.


"There's no harm to be a loser on Twitter, Facebook etc etc, don't be a loser in reality" 
-Aqilah Rosli-

And yeah, have you ever met doctors yang dirinya sentiasa bergolek di TL twitter 24 jam? That rang the bell again.

Doesn't has that really good tight relationship with Allah. Yeahh, it's kinda complicated to talk about. Yeah, me no angels guys! I've made a lot of mistakes. Which is He and I know. Sometimes, when you think that you're happy and achieve what you want, you kinda forget about Him. At least, a little. Then, when He tests you on something, then that moment you will find Him again. Is it fair? 

And you might have been thinking what's relationship with Allah gonna do with medicine. This is what  you should be clarified to. Hmm.

Medicine = doctors. Doctors treat patients. Diagnose their diseases and find solutions to cure them. But, who would actually cure the disease? Yess, it's Him. If you don't have a good relationship with Him, are you sure that you will succeed to treat and cure your patients? Definitely not. 

Dari segi fizikal and mentaliti? Do I act like a doctor? Physical. Hmm Takyah cerita lah. How many times I do exercise in a week? In a month? Or maybe in a year? Gosshhh what kind of doctor am I? o.O Aku akan consult dengan pesakit suruh banyakkan exercise untuk sihat, tapi aku? #burn Pemakanan? Hmm. I like to eat chicken, I eat less on fish. Aku suka kulit ayam. Aku jarang makan buah. So, I'm really goin' to be an 'excellent' doctor aite?

Mentality? Okay, I do think everything related to Biology. But that's only based on what I've learnt. How many times I urge myself to read newspaper? How many times even in a month do I read medicine or health articles? Guess what? It's zero. I do hate some politics issue but yeahh that's not one of the reasons that I could stay away from reading and knowing the current issues right? 

And another thing, doctors have no time to have love life isn't it? And I always keep myself busy to get involve in this thing. And when I've been disappointed, yeahh serves me right. Y.Y Until my academic was affected, 3.27 isn't just not enough and not godd at all to be a doctor. It's just not. haihh but would I put the blame on? The blame is still on me. 

Yeahh. Sangatlah rasa hina diri ini. Based on these reasons, I don't know. I just kept thinking and wondering whether I could make myself a good doctor or not?

People kept calling me doc, dr, hahaha. But seriously, you can't imagine how bad doctor I could be in the future.

As a conclusion, I don't point this thing only for doctors. I pointed out this thing towards all of you, my dear readers. Who would you be in the future and what kind of person you would be? If you wanna be an engineer or even an architect, you're currently studying engineering and architecture, think back! Do you think that you're gonna be a great engineer? A creative inspired architect? 

If you can't think of it once, think twice. If you can't, think again until you realise. Sekian sahaja daripada saya, a bad terrible ruined doctor from the future. Assalamualaikum and goodluck! :)

-Aqilah Rosli-

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