Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Beginning of My Journey

Assalamualaikum and greetings yaw!

I am now in my new home. Staring at the laptop, typing this post with my fingers and 'Christina Perri - A Thousand Years' is playing now. The weather is fine, still raining and raindrops are falling on the window. I am not sure if it means sorrow, or calmness or even drowsiness, haha.

My mind is empty now. I cannot express on what I feel. Too much experience I gained here, the new chapter of my life. I learned lots of things for the whole about 3 weeks here.

So, where should I start?

1. First impression will never be right


I met this girl, she is Syaira Asilah. She's from TGB. She is an EMC once. Haha. The first time I looked her, I thought this girl is a kind of hot stuffs. Hahahaha. How I define hot stuffs?? Errr it's difficult lah. Yes, I admit. I always make judgement on people. I know it's bad but yeah I do like to look at people from head to toe, their behavior and make my own-self speculation on that particular person. From that, I will decide whether I fit with that person or not. That's why I always find it difficult to make new friends.

Okay, where were we just now? Yeah Syaira. Hmm. She looks hot. Hahaha. With Samsung touchscreen mobile in her hand, branded clothes and branded shoes with branded bag. Haha. She speaks English very fluently and hmm by looking at her body movement, I can label her with hot stuffs girl. Hahaha. That's how I define hot! Hahahaha. How about you? Wait. Don't tell me, it's no good. Haha.

Those girly desires

They are hot!

As she approached me in our bus, she sat beside me with a very broad smile on her face. :) Then, she begun to talk to me and she told me how she felt that day, because actually she didn't want to study in Taylor's. It's a long story I guess. Okay hmm, then I found out that she was not like what I thought. She just fine. She is so kind too. She's being very optimistic on people. She always see all people around her on the positive side which is very very good. Not like me. Always being judgmental. Haha.

2. Deal with the culture shock!

Uuuuu. Such a controversy. Hahaha. Yup. On our second day of orientation, we had an ice-breaking session with all the lecturers. We were divided into groups of 12 which consists of the girls and also guys. Okay, then what?! Hmm. We were now playing the Human Notes (I'm not sure if this was its name).

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How to play? Haha. We have to hold 2 different friends' hand. Haaaa..... That's getting me shock on that moment. Holding the girls' hand is okay, but how if it had to be guys?? Seriously, my heart was pounded. Hewhewhew.

So sad tau. For all this while, I took care of myself. No one ever touch me, I mean guys lah. I felt really guilty. But all my friends say that it's okay, we were being told to do that. Hmm. At first, I thought it was right. But actually, when we think back rationally, there are thousand ways to avoid that. It's all about whether you stand still on your principle or you follow what have been instructed to you, or get an idea to do it in the right way. I mean, Nado and Hajar, they have ideas on playing that game without the 'skin-on-skin' with the males. (Hahahaha. I don't actually understand of what I've said Hahaha. Poor me) 

3. Friends, they are always there

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Hmm. I think most of you know that I'm not that good in cooking. In fact, I think it will be a blast to see me cooking in the kitchen. Haha. One day, my housemates and I cook for our dinner. Yup. I was being a little idiot looking them cutting the vege, grabbing the onions, putting cooking oil in the pan. Hahaha. But they actually didn't mind about that. They said that they will always there to teach me on how to do all these things. Hahaha. I was so grateful to have them! :)

4. Independent, the key to survive

You know it is really difficult to live in the biggest urban city in Malaysia which is Kuala Lumpur. If you do not know how to protect yourself or how to manage yourself here, then you will get drown man! Yup. It's very challenging. Haha. I know there are many public transports here. There are buses, taxis, lrt's, and many more. But how can you expect and guarantee that all those transports are safe for you?

Haa. I learn a little bit to take transports from my residence to the city as I was hangout with my friends to the PWTC. Yup. From that unplanned journey, I learned a lot! 

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- Please make clear survey and plan your journey wisely
- Ask the person nearby if you get lost. Not everyone has the GPS right? Haha.
- If you get stuck in somewhere, please take action immediately. I mean decide immediately, where do you wanna go. Hahaha. This is very important as if you don't want to waste your time at only one place. Haha.
- Make sure you are in groups of 5 at least especially for the girls.
- It is advisable to make sure that there are guys who can guide you to wherever you go. They act more like our protectors. Seriously, you guys have to believe this!
- For the girls, you should have a something like a first aid kit. Haha. I mean, like plaster, or 'minyak angin' or anything that you think you might need for an emergency, such as foot-ache?? Haha.

5. Sabahans are not ignorant 

Hahaha. At the first thought, I guess Sabahans do not mix with people. They seems like to more comfortable among themselves. But soon, I think they are really nice, really funny, and really appreciate friendship.

And and and Sabahan guys are very gentlemen y'know. Haha. It's hard to describe but yeah they are willing to help people in need. 

6. Pure Science vs Social Science

Haaaa. This thing I learn from the ISK Programme, it's something like usrah. Yes, Pure Science or Social Science can bring more benefits to the community? Of course you guys will take the Pure Science right? Many people think that people who take the Pure Science is very intelligent. That is what our Malaysian mind says. But think back! The Prime Minister, the politicians, and the people who contribute something to the community mostly from where? Social science right? From here, we can see that actually Social Science contribute higher quality of people and thinkers. It is because, when a person learn Social Science, he/she can take control the community. It means like, Social Science can produce people who has high influence to the community. (Now what language did I use? Haha) See! But why the Government pays more attention towards the Pure Science?


Hmm. The facilitator told us that the Government pays more attention towards the Pure Science in our education system. It actually has been enforced by the British earlier. So, when the community are flocking into the Pure Science, there will be only minority of people who involve in Social Science. This is to ensure that Malaysians especially the Malays to not to take control the community. Yup. The British had planned them earlier.

So, what we should do now? Get out of Pure Science and jump into the Social Science? Hahaha. NO! Yup. If you're in Pure Science now, don't worry. All you have to do is to learn also the Social Science. Read articles, books regarding politics and community. Get involve! We are the Y-Generation right?

That are the things I learned here. There are more and more actually. But I just had to figure out when am I gonna share them with you guys. Haha. "Yang baik jadikan teladan, yang buruk jadikan sempadan"

-Aqilah Rosli-

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