Saturday, March 17, 2012

You Live In A Community, So Be PRIHATIN!

Assalamualaikum and greetings guys :)

Olla. Woww It has been so long I didn't update this blog. Haha. I've been very very busy lately. So now I have nothing to do since it was weekend and all my housemates are going out and leave me alone in this house. Yeah poor me. Haha.

Okay. Today I want to talk to you guys about 'Prihatin'. I can't find this word in English actually but the best explanation to describe it is like being concern towards other people and your surroundings. 

Know what? On the past few days, I was sitting by the lakeside in my university as I have to study Statistics because I have a quiz on that evening. As I sat onto the chair, I saw a BlackBerry phone which is purple in colour. Pheww and then I watched my phone. Okay fine. CSL G3 only. Hahahaha. 


Have you encounter such situation like this? Haha. Where there is no one there, and you saw a BlackBerry phone which was left on the chair next to you. Haha. It ws really bothering me. Haha. But I was just act cool like I didn't see it. Suddenly the phone rang. Oh myy. How am I suppose to do? Should I pick it up and answer the call? Or should I just let it rang? *SuspendSound* 

The next thing I knew I was just let the phone be there like I didn't see it. Haha. I continued with my study as a Chinese couple came and sat there too. Soon, the phone rang again and I was like doing innocent face like there was nothing happen. Haha.


Then, the Chinese man asked me "Is that your friend's phone?". And I said "No, not". Then, he got up and answered the call. He asked the people who called to take the phone from him. 

End of story.....

Hee. So, did you guys get my message? Haha. Yeah. First thing first, never go anywhere all alone okayy. Haha. Why? Because when you are alone, you might being incited by the syeitoonnn which asks you to do something bad. Because at this moment, your IMAN was not stable. Haha. Second, when you saw a thing which you think that belong to someone, don't take it, the best word is DON'T STEAL IT! It doesn't belong to you. Third, pleeeease guys pleeeeease. Haha. Yes, even if you are so kind and nice not to take the things that does not belong to you, but you should be 'prihatin'. You should not just let the thing left like that. Pleeeease be responsible to pick up the thing and try to return it back to its owner or just give it to the 'lost and found' centre okayy. 

This is what I've learned from that incident. Haha. Yeah. We think that we are nice enough to just let a thing left without its owner and we didn't steal it but actually it is NICER to take it and try to return it to its owner.

So, that's all from me. Hope you'll take the message and have a nice day yoo! :DD

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