Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Who Wins?

Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone :)

So, I make another blog post. Too much things to spill, yet too limited words to be typed. Plus, I try to get myself busy because recently I often have this battle with myself which I being overly attached to someone. Like yes, love makes you crazy. It makes you laugh yet it also makes you cry. But love needs both. Well hell-o, what are all these craps am I talking? Enough. 

Have you ever wondered yourself being in a some kind of a battle or competition? Besides having a battle with yourself and what you desire, another form of competition is between you and other people. Do you still remember how cheesy you and your friends were during your primary school in getting good results, getting the first place in your class in the exam? Well, I remember. Once, I always chase the top spot in the in every exam. I always compete with one of my classmates. I admit it, she is such a genius person too. But usually, her marks will be slightly higher than me. Just slightly. At one point, I got 98 for my Bahasa Malaysia essay while she got 96 I think. I don't even know what is her problem but she tends to ask me many questions on how can I get those marks, and she even checked my paper. I'm not a competitive person, but with that attitude, I feel like a little bit annoying.

 Little Miss Competitive - JoDeedaa

That's how your life works like a competition. You keep being compared with your cousins, sisters, and friends. In high school, people compete with each other to see who will achieve higher pointer than others. I hate competition, that's why I didn't make any challenge with my friends. I always say this to myself "study for yourself, not to compete with others". There. High school has ended. Then, is there anymore competition? 

 Fuck you shool. Me In my graduation

Unfortunately, yes. You're leaving your high school. Everyone were waiting for which universities they can enroll to. Bammm! Another competition strikes. Some people are very lucky to have that chance to study abroad. Some are lucky to get their ass in SPC programme under MARA even it's local. Some are still waiting and some are wondering which place is really suit them well. Then, everyone are like proud with their own universities. Snapping photos on every angle of your university and upload it with caption like you really happy to be there (kononnya) ; like what I did hee. So that everyone will be like "Eeee seronoknya study situ." or "Cantiknya oversea" (cannot be specified to avoid any sensitive issues). 

It's just about study bro. Chill. There are many more. Who's having the latest iPhone? Who's having a great car? Who have traveled many places? Who is so cool to have fun in such fun places or fun events with fun people? 

Goodbye senior high school

Then, what happens after study? Who graduates first? Who graduates with honors? 

In the environment out of university, there will be more and more competition. You have to compete to get a job. After you get a job, you have to compete to get higher paid or position. 

Then it will be like who has the most awesome job with highest salary? Who will afford to buy Lamborghini or a big beautiful bungalow house? Who get to marry first? Who will be having the greatest wedding ever? Who have the most handsome and sweetest husband? Talk about marriage, this is the biggest competition for me kot entahlah. I have this intention to be the last one to get married. Why? Because I don't want to feel so competitive that I cannot get a beautiful wedding like others will do. Hahaha funny aite? But it's reality. I'm so afraid to be in competition because I'm afraid to feel envy with others. 

Haa mula lah tu mula lah tu "eee sweetnya blablabla" Cakap pasal kahwin eksaited. Lagi lagi yg yizlumik ni kan? Jangan nak eksaited sangat. Fokus sikit! 
(Gambar dikecikkan so padan muka jangan nak eksaited sangat)

Then, what else? You got pregnant and you have kids then. Everyone compete to upload photos of their children and compete who will have the cutest baby. Is that life is all about? If it's true, I'd rather die ecewahh hahaha hell no! 

In love aspect, lagilah. You compete with other girls or guys. Compete to be the most beautiful, caring, loving, hardworking, dedicated, loyal that sometimes you suddenly lost in your own competition. You lost yourself.Yeah, you lost yourself!!! (Teruja sebab idea datang suddenly as I'm typing) You're not losing anything except yourself. #np Najwa Latif - Hilang. Love might change you in a way of positive or negative. There is a fine line between them. Watch out where you are. Because I really really hate competition as well as being compared to others. 


However, how this competition starts? Is there some kind of guy sparks it long time ago so that it becomes contagious to others? The answer is NO! There is no competition actually. The competition exists in you. Let's say you're in a group of girls and you need to get a Barbie doll. There are two boxes of Barbie doll; one with old Barbie which some are limbless or headless, another one with new ones. Obviously, many girls would be running for the new ones. But, is there anyone who told them to get the new ones? No right. It is they themselves who told themselves to grab the new ones instead of old ones. Why? Because competition is linked to enviousness. Notice that I mentioned about envy above? Yup. Competition which drives you crazy is due to enviousness exists in you and dissatisfaction on what you already have. 

Only some competitions will not bring harm. In fact, Islam urge us to compete.In what? In doing good deeds. Compete to hafaz Quran, compete to give some of our wealth to others, compete to be in the first row during solat. But if it is regarding matters of this world, Islam teach us to deliberate, to disperse calmly throughout the land and not to rush against one another or to compete to attain worldly pleasures. As Allah has said;

{So for this let the competitors compete. (for bliss of Paradise) } [Quran 83:26] 

Therefore, it is clear which competition you should get involved into. Be careful, because sometimes you compete too much until you lose yourself. What happens if every girl grabs the new Barbie, it might be damaged eventually. Why compete? Everyone cannot afford to win every competition. You might win some competitions that others will never be. Nope, life is not about competition. It shouldn't be.


Aqilah Rosli

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