Friday, July 11, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 11th Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Hey, miss me? Hahaha. I'm not going anywhere but lately susah betul nak bukak laptop. So, this is the post for 11th Ramadhan. So, what did I learn? Ohh 10 days of Ramadhan has passed, isn't it? Aaaaa. 10 days of rahmat. Blessings! Yup, I think Allah grant me lots of blessings along these 10 days. Detachment, His guidance, great supporting networks, happy family, new bestie and many more. Uncountable!

The 2nd phase of Ramadhan is maghfirah. But yeahh, I think I've went through that phase from 1st Ramadhan where I've detached from things that may bring harm to me. Today, (11th Ramadhan) I think Allah want to teach me on appreciation. How I appreciate His blessings.

Ohh I went to KL to accompany my friend on buying his new shoe. Before I stepping out from house, I managed to perform dhuha prayer first. I don't know. I feel it's incomplete to meet my friend without seeing Him first. Plus, I don't want my friends being the reasons of me getting drifted away from Allah. That's one of the way I learn to appreciate His blessings. I took bus and trains and along the way, I managed to read Al-Mathurat, tadarus a bit and read the tafsir. And the funny thing is, I'm so in love with tafsir of Al-Isra' until I missed 2 stations from where I should stop. Hahahahahaha. Sitting beside me was a woman around 40's nad while I was realizing I've missed my station, I dropped my tafsir on the floor. She was like wanted to help and to give the tafsir but then her hands hold her back. Maybe she was scared to touch it because it's Quran. I found it funny. Because Quran is not only for me, it's for all people. For all human beings. I wanted to say to her "there's no harm to touch it" but I couldn't make it cause I was rushing to run out from the train haha. 

You guys should try to read Al-Isra' because it's like story and you'll surely forget everything once you read it. Hahahaha, but just don't miss your station please! Haha.

By reading Al-Isra' also God tell me not to waste. Waste money. I smiled. I think He's cute and sweet. Like He know I'm going to buy something later. :)

Shopping with Fendi was awesome. He's not like that typical guy who would express that bored face when seeing women go shopping. He's really helpful. He gave his detailed opinions of what should I match the skirt I bought, what colour is prettier. Coolio! Best shopping partner so far!

Later in the evening, Syaira asked me to accompany her and Acap at Sunway. Acap wanted to buy something. So, yeah here I goooooo!!!! 

Great evening. At 10pm, Syaira asked us to join riding the free shuttle bus service. Just want to try something random awesome thing. We thought the bus would go back to Sunway Pyramid so we could take a cab to go home. Unfortunately, it was the last trip (10pm) so we have to hop-off from the bus at South Quay which is like 500m to Taylor's Uni. Hahahahahahaha Now that's really something random awesome! So, we walked along the road to Taylor's. Such a great experience. Not forget to reflect the views and scenery to God. Walking with these 2 nice people, great night view of Sunway with stars and dark sky above us, great feelings! 

As I reached home, I forced myself to perform tarawih. Like I said, no matter how busy and how tired I spent my time with my friends, that tiredness should be put aside, for Allah. If I could make time for my friends, I absolutely could make time for Him. 

Today's tafsir;

I love ayat 15, cause He answers my thoughts on how guilty I am to be the reason of people getting drifted away from Allah. So, He said that every consequence is due to by one's own actions. And a person does not carry other person's sins. 

Ayat 26-27, He told me not to waste much money, cause I'm about to go shopping that time. Sweet :)

"Dan manusia berdoa untuk kejahatan sebagaiman dia berdoa untuk kebaikan. Dan adalah manusia bersifat tergesa-gesa. (11) 

Dan Kami jadikan malam dan siang sebagai tanda (kekuasaan Kami) dan Kami hapuskan tanda malam dan Kami jadikan tanda siang itu terang agar kamu mencari kurniaan daripada Tuhanmu, dan supaya kamu mengetahui bilangan tahun-tahun dan hitungan masa. Dan segala sesuatu telah Kami terangkan dengan jelas. (12)

...Bacalah kitabmu, cukuplah dirimu sendiri pada waktu ini sebagai penghisabmu. (14)
Barangsiapa yang mengikut hidayah Allah, maka sesungguhnya dia berbuat itu untuk (keselamatan) dirinya sendiri, dan barangsiapa yang sesat, maka sesungguhnya dia menanggung sendiri (kerugian) akibat kesesatan dirinya sendiri. Dan seorang yang berdosa tidak dapat memikul dosa orang lain dan Kami tidak akan mengazab sebelum Kami mengutus seorang Rasul (15)

....Barangsiapa menghendaki kehidupan duniawi, maka kami segerakan baginya di (dunia) ituapa yang Kami hendaki bagi orang yang Kami hendaki. Kemudian Kami tentukan baginya neraka jahannam; dia akan memasukinya dalam keadaaan tercela dan terusir (18)

.....dan janganlah kamu membelanjakan hartamu secara boros (26) Sesungguhnya orang yang boros itu adalah saudara-saudara syaitan dan syaitan itu adalah sangat ingkar kepada Tuhannya (27)
Surah Al-Isra'

Me, Myself, and God.

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