Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 10th Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

(First thing first, sorry for the late post cause my internet is as slow as snail last night)

Today, I learned about great moments, good friendship! Alhamdulillah. My biological clock works well, except for the nap from 7-11a.m part. Hahaha. But to perform qiyam, alhamdulillah it seems much easier to do now.

After library session in the evening, Syaira, Anne, Azizul, Acap, Syed and I went to Sunway. I just want to accompany Syaira to get her new glasses. MasyaAllah subhanallah allahuakbar, high patience needed to wait for Syaira because she's really choosy. Hahaha. But I don't mind cause every second I spent with her, it's a bless! I appreciate Allah's gift for me. :) Soon, alhamdulillah haha Syaiar found her most adorable glasses that she could find. And I admit it really matched perfectly to her. 

Then, we were having iftar at Chicken Rice Shop. Love and laughter fill the atmosphere. A great moment! Before eating, some of us make a doa first. Meanwhile, I had nothing to ask more to Allah than to praise and being thankful to Him as He grant me such nice friends around me and great moments to accompany me. 

I always and always asked whether I deserve all of these or not but no matter how much I questioned about it, Allah still give me, even more than what I deserve. It is not about what I deserve or what I don't deserve. It's about how nice, how Greatful and how Merciful He is. He would always, and always give more to His servants than what they should deserve. So sweet! And so, I try to stop questioning them and start to appreciate and taking care of Allah's gifts to me. And if someday, He take back all of these, I shouldn't be sad and disappointed, I should be grateful because they are all His, because they are not what I deserve to get anyway. 

So, that's all for today. We were having great moment, especially to have Anne being make-up at Sephora hahahaha. Till the next post! Daa :D

Me, Myself and God.

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