Saturday, July 12, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 13th Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

13th Ramadhan has passed. Wooooo laju betul masa!!! Aaaaaa so how was your self-improvement so far? Dah 13 Ramadhan ni. If you think that it's not enough, you're not giving the fullest you could, c'mon!!! Double up your effort bebehhh!!!

So, today I set myself to have a productive day. Hahaha. But I slept late last night cause the house temperature was killing me!!!! Haha. And I woke up at around 5.20. So, I just ate kurma and have a glass of water. But alhamdulillah, succeed to perform tahajjud and witir, phewww!!! Amazingly, I didn't go back to sleep after subuh yeayyy!! Achievement unlocked! Tu pun sebab got things to do regarding my research and I have group discussion to attend at 9a.m. Hari ni sempat dhuha! And yeap, got group discussions blablabla. Ohh I usually much prefer doing things by myself especially when it comes to research and assignments because I like only my own touch. Like, let's say preparing things on Microsoft Word, I like it to be neat and formal and awesome. So, if people didn't give 100%, I don't feel at ease. But nevermind, Allah want me to learn to cooperate with others. So, to reconcile that, I volunteer to do the typing job. Haha. Everything went well. Even at some point, I feel bored because it's not that easy having grouping job, but I tried to reconcile and be patient. Sooner or later, I have to do things and jobs with other people, so I have to practise by now. 

As we finished our group discussion, we went home, and yeahhh here comes the biggest challenge in maintaining productive day!! Hahaha. I spent time on laptop and keep updating myself on Palestine issue. Ohh for those who want to help them, you can donate some by SMS, PALESTIN 1/5/10 and send it to 39111. Simple! Allah already give you the way to show your concern, so start your action! :D

Got some time having conversation with Addin. Hahaha. Seriously, I love this guy so much (as friend of course), no matter how I would be (jadi jahat ke muslimah ke garang ke sopan ke) he will always be there for me, without judging any part of me. 

Later in the evening, I went to surau Al-Bukhary cause I was having iftar there yeayy!!! From the 1st Ramadhan, azamnya nak iftar kat surau everyday, but hampeh! So, it's never too late to do that. I start by today. Ohh I managed to do a good deed then, washing dishes at surau. Yup, washing dishes is my most favourite chores compared to cooking or cleaning or others. Hahaha. 

During dinner, I met 2 Taylor's college students. They're much younger than me. But as usual, I had this stone or gold idk inside my mouth till it's hard for me to approach them. This is how men feel whenever they want to approach a girl. Baru ku tahu. Hahaha. But I thought Allah give me chance to make new friends, so grrr I made it! I made to ask "korang stay mana?" then the conversation continued. ;)

And seriously, I found some other steps of "Plan of Consistency"; #2 - Varies your techniques in ibadah. Sometimes you'll get bored solat by yourself, you don't feel that connection anymore, so please go to surau or be in jemaah! Then if you feel bored doing jemaah, you can try back doing alone. 

#3 - Have your supporting network to always remind you. 
Ohh I forgot to tell you one of my housemates did send me a looooooonggggg text messages on whatsapp, giving advices, soothing my soul and making me smile with tears. She's so sweet. I didn't expect she could be as sweet as that. I cried and smiled reading her texts. She told me not to give up, everyone made mistakes, again and again, use the Ramadhan wisely to seek for His repentance. Thank you housemate if you're reading this. 

I was reading tafsir of Surah Taha. Nice story I told ya! I read it while lying on my bed haha, like reading novel you see. 

Today's tafsir;
Ayat 114 tu Allah told Muhammad not to repeat word by word from Jibril before Jibril finish the whole sentence so that Muhammad can memorize and understand the ayat better!!! :D

"Maka Musa berasa takut dalam hatinya (67) Kami berkata: 'Janganlah kamu takut, sesungguhnya kamulah yang paling unggul (menang)' (68)

Maka Maha Tinggi Allah, raja yang sebenar-benarnya dan janganlah kamutergesa-gesa membaca Al-quran sebelum selesai diwahyukan kepadamu, dan katakanlah kepada Tuhanmu 'Ya Tuhanku, tambahkanlah kepadaku ilmu pengetahuan' (114)

Maka sabarlah kamu (wahai Muhammad) atas apa yang mereka katakan, dan bertasbihlah dengan memuji Tuhanmu sebelum terbit matahari dan sebelum terbenamnya dan bertasbihlah pula pada waktu tengah malam dan pada hujung siang hari supaya kamu merasa tenang (130)" -Surah Taha-

Me, Myself and God.

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