Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 14th Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Muahahaha izinkan hamba menulis berderet-deret memandangkan sudah 3 hari blog senyap tanpa khabar berita kakaka. So, hye! This post is for 14th Ramadhan. As far as that I could recall (sorry if the post has recall bias haha), nothing much interesting today. I only remember that I went to iftar with my fellow ex-classmates haha. I chose to wear black jubah cause it's comfy and easy if I suddenly stuck in somewhere or surau that has not enough telekung to supply for everyone, so takyah nak berebut telekung nanti. 

I've promised Teha to be at Kelana Jaya at 4.30 but I end up being there at 6. Walawehh dasar janji melayu! Hahaha talking bout promises, I've encountered to an Instagram photo of fynnjamal which tells about how wrong to make a promise if you can't fulfill it. Cause we don't own the time. We don't own even a second. Allah owns it. Yeap! Lessons learnt.

As we reached Kg Baru, ohhh we're going to have iftar at Stable Steak House tenenenene. The restaurant is amazing. Nampak macam kecik and macam gerai biasa je but the decorations are superb! I've ordered chicken chop, but I felt so regretful afterwards, hahaha cause I should order pastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love pasta and their pasta is sooooo delicious I can die!!!!! hahahaha. Ohh I met Teha, Fendi, Fais and Ummi! Aaaaa it has been long time and this year's iftar, there were just 5 of us sobs. But that's fine. Still, lots of stories being shared, laughter and love!

I should've ordered pastaa T.T

This is my lovely Kak Teha

These are Ummi (left) and Fais (right)

This is Fendi :D

Haaa as I've expected, that surau at LRT got no telekung haha! Haaa kan senang, you just need to shoohh people '..tolong tepi sikit~~ cause you got no telekung~' then kau solat je kat situ. After maghrib, we went to klcc to meet Fazuan!!!! Yeah, He's back from US. Dah macam retis kot nak jumpa dia punya payah. Alhamdulillah, He permit us to meet yeayy! Spent little time in ront of the fountain, watching the water dancing in colours with music, so lovely! Ohh and our photographer, Fendi kept doing his job taking pictures here and there. I like to see people taking shots and using their skills in taking photos (except for mobile photography takyah cakap lah, tangkap gambor celah mana pun nampak cantik je). I only took photos for memories and keeping moments haha. So, I don't care if the lighting is not good or what, cause if I see a photo, I see the whole moments, the whole situation in my mind. 

Then, I went to my Mak Long's house cause my family is already there. I went back with Fendi cause his house is in Sg Besi too! Hahaha. We went to BTS by train (1st time get into ERL!! Haha) and then Fendi drove me to Rumah Mak Long. And somehow the situation in the car reminiscing me back to memories with Izzemal. Yeap, I am a person who likely to attach to moments and memories. I hate this feelinggggggg!!!!! Do I miss Izzemal? No no nooooo. I don't miss him. I just miss the moments. probably. I think. aaaaaa T.T 

As I reached Rumah Mak Long, my family members are there, and so family Mak Teh and Afeefa too! Orang ni pulak baru balik dari Cardipp hahaha. Kak Lia je takde. Rindu jugak dengan Kak Lia. And with the courage to not get drifted away, I chose to perform tarawih alone. And I pray for the strength whenever I'm weak, the peace whenever I feel things get complicated, and the guidance whenever I feel lost. I'm that strong the first moment I break up with Izzemal, but sooner I'm getting weak. The memories keep chasing me. 

Shooh memories, shooh shohhh!!! :(

Today's tafsir;

"(Iaitu) Orang yang disebut nama Allah, maka gementarlah hati mereka; orang yang sabar terhadap apa yang menimpa mereka, orang yangmendirikan solat dan orang yang menafkahkan sebahagian daripada apa yang telah Kami rezekikan kepada mereka" (Al-Hajj:35)

Me, Myself and God.

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