Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 15th Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Second post. For 15th Ramadhan. Ohh I was at my Mak Long's house. And it's just my mak long and I are the only women that can fast. Yang lain semua cutiiiii. And yup, alhamdulillah managed to do tahajjud. It was really peaceful, cause it's quiet. The others (yang cuti puasa) are still sleeping. 

Ohh today's subuh is not that awesome cause I perform it alone. Usually, there will be me and Fathin who perform solat subuh together. But now I'm not at home. Hahaha rindu pulak kita kat Fathin hiks. So, I gave her a morning text. And she told me she was so sad and frustrated cause she didn't wake up far sahur. Hahaha. Kesian betul. The whole house didn't wake up for sahur. I wonder if there was malaikat coming to our home that time, he might be wondering 'why this house is so dark today? usually it's not that dark like this' hahaha. 

That morning, I went out with Ibu, Adik, Mak Long, Afeefa, Akma and Aina. We went to Jalan TAR. Shopping!!! Girls day out! hahaha. It was really exhausting. Ibu is under that category of 'the most challenging women to dealt during shopping' She walked really fast, and she didn't care about how hot the weather. Power tak power ibu gua ni? Haha. 

Later in the evening, Ayah sent me back to Subang. We dropped by at Bazaar Ramadhan USJ4 first. Ayah kept repeating "ishh mahalnyaaa. beli untuk kakak je lah. ayah beli tempat lain lah" hahaha. What to do ayah, This is Subang Jaya memang ada gaya~ macam hari-hari, hari raya~ Ohh haaa during our food hunting, I saw this one old woman with her daughter on her lap seeking for sedekah. I just ignore her. Soon, as my family and I walked further, we saw them again!!!! The same woman and the same kid! My heart pounded fast. Yang pasti, it might not be a ghost cause it's Ramadhan. It probably really a human or I don't know some kind of test?!! Cause I heard some people told that sometimes Allah tests us by bringing a person (or malaikat) to test us. Well, it might be a test for me to see whether I could give something to those kind of people or not. But, I didn't succeed to give anything to them. And once I thought that thing back, I feel regret, cause I thought I've failed the test. So, next time, whenever you see those people or the opportunity to donate or give something, give anything that you have. Lessons learnt!

Tarawih at surau today was really err merepek? I felt really sleepy for the first 4 rakaat. Thank God, someone is so nice to give tazkirah between the 4th and the next rakaat. I felt little motivated and could continue focus really hard on the next rakaat of tarawih. I'm so afraid to lose the connection to Allah. Cause lately there are so many distractions. Aaaaaa I thought that I'm strong, but I'm actually really reeeaalllyyy weak T.T

Till the next post! :)

Me, Myself and I.

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