Monday, July 7, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 8th Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Hey. It's 8th Ramadhan already. How time flies really fast right? Alhamdulillah He grant me another chance to live in this world, to improve myself, to repent from Him. Last night tarawih was awesome. Surrounded by great people, wajah yang berseri seri buat tarawih. :) After 4 rakaat tarawih was done, there was a small tazkirah on hadith Nabi s.a.w. 

".....Bagi orang yang berpuasa akan mendapatkan dua kegembiraan yaitu kegembiraa ketika dia berbuka dan kegembiraan ketika berjumpa dengan Rabbnya. Sungguh bau mulut orang yang berpuasa lebih harum di sisi Allah daripada bau minyak kasturi.

The last line about bau mulut orang yang berpuasa tu, there are 3 opinions about this statement. Some u'lama say that bau mulut orang berpuasa ni akan wangi time akhirat, another opinion emm I forgot haha. But the strongest opinion on this statement is that bau mulut orang berpuasa ni usually akan busuk (like my ustaz once said sebab too much acid in stomach), but Allah like this smell and He said that it is better than bau kasturi, means Allah has put those who are fasting at a place as kekasih dia. Even bau mulut yang busuk pun dia jadi suka. Haaaa. Macam kita jugak lah kan, kalau dah suka someone, dah sayang someone tu, bau kentut orang tu pun jadi wangi. Tapi tak semua kan. Kalau dah busuk tu, memang busuk jugak lah cerita dia. But Allah is not like that. He loves you, He loves those who are fasting. Dah sama taraf jadi kekasih dia dah, subhanallah! Terharu kan?

Alhamdulillah. I succeed to perform qiyam today and it was really peaceful. It's like a date, where you can sit with God alone. The whole world seems in silent. Only you and God. You can spill everything, no secrets left. Another interesting part of the day is that I attended a forum on 'Motivasi Ramadhan' by Pencetus Ummah Hafiz, Imam Muda Jabbar, Ustazah Wan Suhaili and Ustazah Yuhanis. 

"Anda semua adalah golong yang terpilih oleh Allah untuk datang. Punya ramai yang duduk area sini, hanya ini yang datang" -PU Hafiz-

MasyaAllah. Rasa terharu sangat. Allah seems loves me a lot. After what I've done, He still chose me to be here. Alhamdulillah. The forum was awesome. I didn't feel tired at all. They're so inspiring. I learned a lot. I learned on differences of fasting according to religions, the benefits of fasting in health aspect and many more. 

Imam Muda Jabbar then told us a story about a man who could change into a drug addict because of a girl. I don't know, somehow aku terasa. Haha. I wondered if Izzemal too was having the same situation? I mean, of course lah dia bukan drug addict (na'uzubillah) but yeahh, maybe because of me, he's also getting drifted away from Allah. MasyaAllah. I felt so guilty. After deep thoughts in the bus, so I pray. I pray for my wrongdoings, I pray for his wrongdoings caused by me, I pray for His guidance to be given to Izzemal to like what He has given to me. I pray that Allah protect me from being a reason to cause a person being drifted away from Allah. Nauzubillah. :'( Yup, your wrongdoings are not only affecting yourself. It might affect others. Lessons learnt. (Projek Memikat Allah for today; checked!)

I rememebered of my unproductive day yesterday and so I thought one of the "Plan on Consistency" would be #1-Attending Majlis Ilmu. It really helps to drive your motivation whenever you feel weak.

In the evening, I joined my usrah group to have iftar at a school done by Ikram. There were tadarus, tazkirah, solat jemaah and ohhh makan dalam talam ramai-ramai. Best! :D

A very productive day today.

Today's tafsir;
"Dan tidaklah mereka (orang munafik) memerhatikan bahawa mereka diuji sekali atau dua kali setiap tahun, kemudian mereka tidak juga bertaubat dan tidak pula mengambil pengajaran?" (Surah At-Taubah; 126)

Me, Myslef and I.

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