Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lots of 'Buts' (Just A Spillage)


It has been months since the last post. What makes me dropping back here? Well, I miss to write. But I don't know what to write. (Fyi, I have like 4 assignments to submit and I haven't started any). A day back, I talked to one long-lost friend. He mentioned of making a journal which he haven't done any before. And that is how I get to log in back here. 

I love to write. Really really love to write. I love it till I have the thoughts of making it as a career (whenever I started to hate medicine). Come to think of it, nope! I may like it but to get it as my career, I don't think so. Writing needs lots of inspiration. Writing needs creativity. Writing needs you to read a lot. And the most important is, writing needs you to write. 

As to update you guys about me, well I don't know. I'm currently in euthymic (neither happy nor sad) mood. Why am I not happy? I feel quite empty lately. Didn't know is it because I've been left alone the whole weekend stranded at home while others are enjoying holidays at home, or is it because I feel like losing passion on everything, or is it me myself feels too lazy right now. And why am I not feeling sad? Because I have no reasons to feel sad about. 

I want to excel in my studies,
But here I am typing this.
I want to be a good writer,
But I keep scrolling my phone instead of writing.
I want to keep myself happy,
But I keep avoid things that I should do to make me happy.
I want to be a positive person,
But negativity is much more fun to keep in mind.
I want to be free from everything,
But I didn't will to let things go.

I probably should have a cup of coffee and start my assignments right a way. I plan to have a makeover on this blog and my writings. Sorry for this shabby post. Need a place to spill over other than for the sake of updating. 

Life is empty?

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