Sunday, March 22, 2015

Beneath The Success

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Just a typical boring day. Well, it's always boring when it comes to semester break BUT once new semester starts, we'll be looking forward to next break. Back to the boring day, scrolling IG and twitter is a must. One thing that caught my sight is a photo posted by a friend, telling that he attended a talk by some medical students (if I'm not mistaken). He asked them on what is the biggest challenge being a medical student, and so she (one of them) replied, "It is of course when God let us succeed in something is the biggest challenge for everyone of us..."

Wow indeed it strikes my heart! Truth vs Me 1-0!

Ohh it's Saturday. "Asam Pedas Untuk Dia" is showing at 7 till 8. Well, isya' is around 8.30 so yeahh still can perform Maghrib right after watching the drama. And so, Maghrib at 8 it is. And reciting Quran after solat like usual. But hey, how about reading some tafsir afterwards? To my surprise and regrets, God said this to me;

"Dan apabila manusia ditimpa bahaya, dia berdoa kepada Kami dalam keadaan berbaring, duduk atau berdiri, tetapi setelah Kami hilangkan bahaya itu daripadanya, dia (kembali) melalui (jalan yang sesat), seolah-olah dia tidak erdoa kepada Kami untuk (menghilangkan) bahaya ang telah menimpanya. Begitulah orang yang melampaui batas itu memandang baik apa yang selalu mereka kerjakan."
(Surah Yunus; 12)

Truth vs Me 2-0! Game over.

God made me fail so I could plead and beg Him and ask Him and cry to Him and just depend on Him. Only Him. He then helped me and what He got in return? Maghrib at 8! And many other mistakes more. You played the game well Qilah, you just played well! Astaghfirullahalazim. Nothing more I could do than to perform solat Taubat (again) and ask for His forgiveness. Because indeed, He is the Most Forgiving. And alhamdulillah He still remind me. He still knock this heart whenever it got engrossed with some worldly things.

And this is story on success. Yeap, success story is not always good. At least, I realized now. Hope you do :)

Aqilah Rosli

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