Monday, June 30, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 1st Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Hey people! Salam Ramadhan. As Ramadhan comes, where the shaytans have been tied, I just want to clarify some things that I would do during this whole month of barakah. Some interesting things (well, might be). Memandangkan my usrah group (hello geng usrah! *lambai lambai*) ada some kind of Projek Diari Ramadhan, so yeahh I think that it would be easier for me and for everyone if I could make it through here yeayy! Diari Ramadhan Qiqilalalola hiks. I'm going to update on daily basis (after every 'asar if possible). Plus, I'm muting myself on twitter for this month cause twitter suxx (even you're giving positive thoughts, people would always throw negativity on you) ;D 


So, where to start? It's 1st Ramadhan. I guess Allah opens such a wide blessed door for me to get into Ramadhan by detaching me from my boyfriend yeayy! Well, it's kinda sad for like 60 seconds, (yes, 60 seconds) but I don't know, instead of crying for the whole day, I chose to say Alhamdulillah, went out with my homies and have an evening date with my father :) Izzemal and I had so much fun for the last year being together, and none of us cheated on each other, but guess there's no jodoh between us. Well, some mixed food would be tasty like choc banana cake, and some might not. Basically, Izzemal and I are like those that cannot work out. And now I know that even our full effort cannot buy love. Love is so priceless, no matter how much effort you put into, if Allah says NO, it won't work out. :)

I don't feel sad that much because I have prepared for this loooong time ago, since we're no longer talk to each other. It's just only me that don't have the strength to let him go totally. But on that day, Allah lead my way and I was ready to leave everything behind. Ceyy, engko tiap kali break baru nak cari Allah kan? Hahahahaha I know you would have that question on your mind but for me, I always forget and kalau Allah tak buat aku break, mesti aku tak cari Dia. So, I don't mind if it happens again and again and again, as long as I find Allah after that.

My mistake to put him in my heart when Allah just lend him for me to be held in my hands. I've crossed my borderline, and that is why Allah detach him from me. Allah jealous tengok I dengan Izzemal. Comel! :D I'm the one who cheated on Him. Always. Again and again. That is why I am so grateful I'm in this situation so I would have ample of time to date Allah this Ramadhan, to fall in love with Him deeper and deeper day by day (sorry macam sexcited terlebih, orang baru jumpa kekasih baru kan? hiks)

Allah took away a guy from me, but He replaced it with something precious, my housemates, Syaira, Addin, Syamil, Fathin and my beloved funny family and of course, His Light. Subhanallah! Basically, I don't lose anything at all. I am currently reading Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed and it was awesome and I'm reading it on the right time. See how Allah arranged the events for me?

Enough with past love story. Haha, so how was my 1st Ramadhan? Little bad as I can't fast. wuwuwu but I had an awesome day, reciting mathurat, repeating zikir everytime I was distracted by that thought on Izzemal, and start listening back to our song (I mean, Allah-and-I-song). That's all that I can share for 1st Ramadhan. Projek Memikat Allah ni insyaAllah diteruskan sepanjang Ramadhan and I hope you would pray the best for me. Good luck too in your Projek Ramadhan :)

Me, Myself and I.

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