Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 17th Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Haa. Yesterday was 17th Ramadhan. Fuhh so close to the last 10 days wehhh. Berdebor! Hahaha Don't know for what to be nervous for. Maybe sebab niatnya nak all out 10 hari terakhir tu. We try lah kan we try! 

Ohh hahaha my girls and I reached home at around 2.30a.m! Hahaha anak dara apa lah semua. Fathin and I prepared a bottle of water for sahur cause we're definitely gonna be sleepayyhhhh! And yes, we do! We had our sahur on our bed. Hahaha. Then, I got back to sleep, so I didn't do tahajjud. but I didn't feel regret cause I've already do 20 tarawih last night, so that's fine. After performing subuh prayer, most of my girls get back to sleep. I was about to do the same, but soon as I laid my body onto my bed, I spoke to myself "psstt nanti menyesal haaa haaa" hahaha I jumped out from my bed kakaka. 

So, I started doing things to prevent the sleepiness that I had. Godek godek laptop. 

After performing dhuha prayer in the afternoon, then the sleepiness can no longer be resisted. So, I took a nap until zohor. Luckily it was before zohor. Once I woke up, I felt so fresh and NOT REGRET! Hahaha. 

I joined Nik, Anis and Kak Melur watching KL Gangster, cause I don't want to have accidental nap. Haha. I didn't watch that much. I only sat besides them and did something on research and also surveying train tickets to go back for Hari Raya yeeayy! So basically, I will go back home by train since Addin doesn't have car that time to pick us up. And I'm going back with Syamil, then Addin will pick us at Batu Gajah. Then, we probably could have Homies Time! Hahaha, rindu melepak dengan diorang. 

In the evening, as a celebrity (flips wideshawl), I had an invitation for iftar at Ikram. Hahaha. I went there with Nadia and Ros. Kak Ida picked us up. Again, makan dalam talam hoyeahhh!!!! I really love the idea of eating like this. Cause everyone will cooperate to finish the meal. Semangat sikit ah nak makan. 

Everything went well. And I met Kak Najibah. Hahaha the funny thing when seeing Kak Najibah is that we seem to have messages to be given to each other, but our lips are just locked! Speechless. Through her eyes and her smile, I know she had something to tell me but they seem can't be spoken out. Same goes to me. I just wanted to tell her, that I love seeing and meeting her, but I only could smile instead of saying it out loud! Hahaha. Betul lah tu orang kata the eyes could speak everything. So, Kak Najibah and I ni macam ada some kind of telepathy, we communicate through hearts, presenting out through our eyes and smile. Kakaka poyo je ayat ptuihh! Hahaha

I love the short tazkirah by Kak Munirah (if I'm not mistaken and deaf), she told us about the power of doa. ....emmm dangg I forgot the content hahahaha. I should write it down yesterday. Ohh haa yeahh Allah is really near to us. Like reallllyyy near. If we have the effort to seek for His guidance, He will definitely guide us closer. If we move 1 step to Him, He provides us more steps to Him. Gitu lahh kot. Yup, I do believe the power of doa. I break up with Izzemal cause of my doa (one of the factor). I pray for the best of us. I pray for the strength if I have to let Izzemal go, cause at that time I really feel lost. I don't know whether I should keep hanging on or I should moving on. Allah do pick the best for me. hihi. Tak habis habis pasal Izzemal kan? Yup tahu. Bukan aku tak move on tau, I do move on. But I really love this one lesson. I've learned many things due to this thing. due to Izzemal. I learned a lot! 

And then, seniors gave tips of studying to those who are going to have professional exam soon uuuu~ The intersting part is Kak Fatin taught us 3 stages of self development; self-centered, people-centered, and Allah-centered. Self-centered ni biasanya in kids. What they see, what they have, what they own, they believe its theirs even if it's not theirs actually. People-centered is when you start seeing reality and accepting people around you, and also prioritize and start considering people rather than yourself. Allah-centered? In everything that apply. If you're people centered, you do nice things to people for the sake of Allah, you're reaching that Allah-centered. Priority on Allah :)

That's all for today I guess. Till the next post! :D

Today's tafsir;

"Dan apabila mereka mendengar perkataan yang buruk, mereka berpaling daripadanya dan berkata; 'Bagi kami amal-amal kami, dan bagimu amal-amal kamu, semoga selamatlah kamu, kami tidak ingin (bergaul) dengan orang yang bodoh (55)

Dan Tuhanmu menciptakan dan memilih apa yang Dia kehendaki. Sekali-kali tidak ada pilihan bagi mereka. Maha Suci Allah dan Maha Tinggi Dia daripada apa yang mereka persekutukan. (68)

Barang siapa datang (membawa) kebaikan, maka dia akan mendapat (pahala) yang lebih baik daripada kebaikan itu; dan barang siapa datang dengan (membawa) kejahatan, maka orang yang telah mengerjakan kejahatan itu hanya diberi balasan (seimbang) dengan apa yang dahulu mereka kerjakan (84)" (Al-Qashas)

Me, Myself and God.

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