Thursday, July 3, 2014

Projek Memikat Allah; 4th Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum and greetings :)

Hey little creatures :D May Allah grant you all His blessings! So, today was 4th Ramadhan. I woke up early, with the intention to make quick du'a (can be considered as qiyam :) ), alhamdulillah I made one. But since everyone dah bangun jugak, seems there'll be lil distraction haha. So the du'a is not that deep. Sebab takut lah pulak orang nampak then tegur kot tiba menangis kang. So, yeah. How I wish if all our doings, we feel like there is someone watching us. But most of the time, we won't feel it. Too sad isn't it? 

But nevermind, I went through my morning well. I smiled all the way to Taylor's. I don't know why but I felt happy. What a blessing! Alhamdulillah. Keep praising Him again and again for the strength and happiness that He has granted. Reached library, prepared to study, then I make another du'a. This one really buat mata berkaca. Hahahaha again, don't know why but my lips keep repeating "thank you Allah. Engkaulah sumber kekuatan, tempat aku bergantung, satu-satu nya yang menolong" (skill pikat Allah for today: checked!) aaaaa k mata berkaca lagi hahaha. It's not that I feel sad, but I was like too happy to have Him right now. No words can't describe this feelings. 

The whole day went well. I was having group discussion with Syaira, Am, Shadow, Kimi and Acap. Great time, alhamdulillah. I'm not the person who like to study in group but I joined them because I'm afraid I would get into unnecessary thoughts suddenly. Even I am the one who was joining them, but I feel like they are the one who came to me, (feels like Allah brought them to me). 

I spent solat time reading Reclaim Your Heart. Keeps filling this heart with the love towards Him every second as possible as I could. And managed to read tafseer from surah Maryam. And managed to had great iftar with the discussion group. I smiled with my heart being surrounded by these people. Yup, smile with heart. I was happy and yes, these people are also a gift from Him for me today. Sweet hee. Even these people don't do much to make you happy, but if you know their presence is by Him, you will be happy. Aku tak rapat pun dengan Am, dia dah lah suka buli aku. But time discussion tadi, it's not that bad. Happy jugak lah. Haa gitu. 

So, basically my day went well. Sorry for the late update and simple post. Gotta prepare for exam tomorrow. Wish me luck! and my friends too. 

Today's tafseer;

"Ibrahim berkata: 'Tidak ada orang yang berputus asa dari rahmat Tuhan nya, kecuali orang-orang yang sesat" (Al-Hijr:56)

Me, Myself and I

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